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If eating were only about getting enough calories to live, no one would struggle with deciding what to eat. But…it’s not. Eating is about so much more than survival. It’s about flavour, texture and taste. It’s about vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It’s about being in relationship with your surroundings. It’s about knowing how to listen to what your body needs. It’s about nourishment…and it’s a practice.

How to know when it’s best to share in a group? Try using the Law of Effervescence.

Explore avenues for disagreeing without the need for attack or separation.

Explore the difference between intuitive & psychic guidance, and why it matters.

Explore the challenges of sensitivity and learn how you can learn harness the gifts of this trait.

Explore how to moving on and learn what you can do to maximize the odds of minimal residue.

Explore how to deal with challenging people & situations through a medical intuitive’s lens.

Explore different decision making strategies to find one that works best for you.

We are all born into Tribes.  While they initially care for our survival, they can also restrict our growth.

It’s easy to disconnect from yourself and others when the world feels disconnected.  But is it required?

When you are moving on, are you focusing your energy on Getting Out, or Getting In?

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What Were You Born To Do?

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What Were You Born To Do?

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