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When baby doesn’t sleep, no one does. And, by “babies,” I don’t just mean literal infants. Babies can be anything that you birth or that needs your help being put to rest, be it a business, a parent or an unsettling relationship. When “baby” doesn’t sleep, no one gets to rest. Patience can run thin, nerves can get fried, and things can fall apart. Is this just a forgone conclusion of parenting something, or is there something else going on, energetically, when “baby” can’t sleep? In this Livestream, along with Phoebe Olszewski, a baby and toddler sleep consultant from www.slumberandshine.ca, we are going to dive into depth of what’s going on when “babies” can’t sleep. Should you let them sooth themselves? Is your “mom’s” advice the best path forward? Are you doing it all “wrong?” Or has every other “parent” figured it out and you’re just failing at what should come naturally? Bringing new life into your life is a big change for everyone, “baby” included. In this conversation we will endeavour to unpack all of the influences that make a good night’s rest so elusive. This conversation isn’t just for parents! It’s for anyone interested in the energetics of how to deal with a challenging situation where you don’t have control but are needed to influence with grace and an open heart.

We all have stuff. Some of it we need. Much of it we don’t! Stuff can create convenience, ease and opportunity, BUT stuff can also bring burden, overwhelm and stress.

In this livestream, I’ll be talking with Yoga Teacher, former yoga studio owner and dear friend Melisande Turpin, where we’ll explore how to open to life, even when it’s challenging!

If eating were only about getting enough calories to live, no one would struggle with deciding what to eat. But…it’s not. Eating is about so much more than survival…

How to know when it’s best to share in a group? Try using the Law of Effervescence.

Explore avenues for disagreeing without the need for attack or separation.

Explore the difference between intuitive & psychic guidance, and why it matters.

Explore the challenges of sensitivity and learn how you can learn harness the gifts of this trait.

Explore how to moving on and learn what you can do to maximize the odds of minimal residue.

Explore how to deal with challenging people & situations through a medical intuitive’s lens.

Explore different decision making strategies to find one that works best for you.

We are all born into Tribes.  While they initially care for our survival, they can also restrict our growth.

It’s easy to disconnect from yourself and others when the world feels disconnected.  But is it required?

When you are moving on, are you focusing your energy on Getting Out, or Getting In?

Essential advice to remember on your spiritual journey Life is a River that is always flowing

What to do when you don’t feel heard? Harness the secret power of your Word

What Were You Born To Do?

Part 4 – The Energetics of Divine Ordination

What Were You Born To Do?

Part 3 – The Energetics of Tribal Ordination

What Were You Born To Do?

Part 2 – The Energetics of Self Ordination

What Were You Born To Do?

Part 1 – The Energetics of Ordination

What is My Body Telling Me?

Developing Intuitive Sight Dig Yoga

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