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  • Do you want to learn about contemporary spirituality outside of the context of a religious community?
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Spirit Talks is a FREE monthly online gathering/class, hosted by Colin.

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Upcoming Spirit Talk:

The Essence and Power of Forgiveness

Click here to purchase the audiobook “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping (affiliate link)

Thursday, October 19  2023

7pm EST (UTC-5)

While many understand Forgiveness as a transaction (I forgive you, you take responsibility and never do it again), in its truest form, Forgiveness doesn’t require anything from anyone else.  It’s an offering and an inner state of being designed to help you to step into your greatest potential.  In this talk, you’ll learn about what Forgiveness is and isn’t, and perhaps most importantly, how you can become more forgiving (and powerful) in your life.

Upcoming Spirit Talks

December 14 – The Dark Night of the Soul

If, on your spiritual journey, you hit a profound impasse, the Universe will pull out all the stops to help you move through it.   While this can be understood as a divine and profound expression of support, rarely is it experienced as such.  Instead, if/when you encounter a foundational dilemma on your journey, the Universe may need to enact “A Dark Night of the Soul” to get you to move beyond your spiritual gridlock.  In this talk, you’ll learn what the DNOFS is and how to embrace this expression should you meet it on your path.

“I love the intimate connections Colin helped create and I loved working with others. I got to know people on a Heart level.” – Emily