Intuitively Guided Life

Intuitive Awakening, Attunement and Mentorship Program

Are you ready to empower to your intuitive gifts and awaken your potential?

You were born with Intuitive Gifts.

You were born with intuitive abilities.  We all are.  In a world that often overlooks intuition, your natural abilities may have gone unnoticed and were left underdeveloped. But fear not! You have the power and ability to awaken and tap into their full potential. 

You always have access to your Intuition.

Intuition is often referred to as an extra-sensory perception, but this isn’t true.  Your intuition is as normal as the other commonly understood five senses.  We just don’t live in a culture that honours this expression of our being.  Intuitive abilities are something we all possess and have access to in every moment.  Let me help you understand and empower yours.

Your Intuition is a powerful resource.

We live in an interconnected universe; One that is created by our unlimited energetic potential in the finite medium of matter.  You are both finite and unlimited, and you were not meant to create through the finite alone.   You were born as an Energetic Alchemist, intended to create using all of the mediums and faculties we each have access to.  By tapping into your unique intuitive expression, you open yourself to your ultimate potential.  You open yourself to Living an Intuitively Guided Life.

Your Intuition exists for a reason: To guide you to living your most empowered life.

Life is a continuous series of events that require you to make a decision.  The decisions you make both guide and define the outcome of this life.  But how can you know if you are making the most empowered and expansive decisions possible?  This is what your intuition is for: to help you discern the most empowering path to take.  Do you want access to this level of clarity and purpose?  Let me help you discover how you can.

What is an Intuitively Guided life?


An Intuitively Guided Life is a life lived to its fullest potential.  This includes:


Possessing a deep sense of faith and trust in yourself, the universe, and in the unfolding of your life.


Having a feeling of being connected to all of life and your divine purpose. 


Trusting in your ability to discern and make decisions from a place of power (and not fear).


A life built on purpose and being in service of the highest good for all.


An Intuitively Guided Life is the life of your deepest dreams and desires fulfilled.

Why Would I Want Mentorship?

Embracing an empathic, mystical or intuitively guided life, while not unheard of, is certainly not a commonly understood path to take. A CEO can get an MBA, and a Chef can study the Culinary arts, but where does a intuitively minded/empath/mystic go for support?

That’s what I am here to do..

As a certified Medical Intuitive and self-identified Mystic, I have been walking the spiritual path for most of my life. Growing up as a highly sensitive, yet highly social Empath, I had to learn how to embrace my gifts and integrate them into daily life. Through my devotion to embracing all of myself and showing up fully in how I live my life, I have has developed an ability to connect to the subtle aspects of my being and to guide others in doing the same. My expanded awareness and innate understanding of the spiritual world has enabled me to comprehend the mystical journey and all the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities it presents – in order to support you in your journey.

Who is Intuitively Guided Life Mentorship For?

Whether you are someone who has felt the call to walk a spiritual life, or you know/suspect you possess an ability to perceive beyond the five senses, or your interior speaks so loudly that it can’t be ignored, my mentorship may be right for you. Not everyone taking my mentorship program has to identify as having a “special” gift (although you do!), nor do you have to know where you want to go after this program. IGL Mentorship is for anyone who has felt the pull to do something beyond the ordinary and engage life in a profoundly alive and intimate manner.

How does Mentorship work?

I offer mentorship in 2 main ways: Individually or in a group program. 

Individual Mentorship:

Each individual Mentorship Program is custom tailored to your specific needs and expected outcomes.  Whether it’s because you want to work as an Intuitive Counsellor, or would like to possess greater clarity in all aspects of your life, or simply to be able to reliably harness your intuitive gifts, I will help you achieve your intuitive goals.

Individual Mentorship encompasses 12 one-on-one coaching sessions, 3 individual intuitive reading/counselling sessions, and unlimited access to me via email or WhatsApp through the duration of our time working together.

Cost: a one-time payment of $5995, or 12 monthly payments of $500.

Group Mentorship:

Group Mentorship includes 12 weeks of group lectures (3 hours each), 3 one-on-one intuitive reading/counselling sessions, involvement in a group chat portal, and unlimited access to me via email through the duration of the program.

Dates, time and cost?

Programs run regularly throughout the year.

Group lectures are weekly, typically on a Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday evening depending on the day mutually agreed upon by participants.

Group lectures run from 6:30pm to 9:30pm EST (UTC-5)

All one-on-one coaching sessions will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time and will be done on an individual basis. The first coaching session will happen before our first group class together. Subsequent coaching session will occur towards the end of each month. Plan for 1-2 hours per session.

The cost of this program is a one-time payment of $1995, or 3 payment of $699 over 3 months.  Longer payment plans can be arranged on an individual basis.

Topics will include:


Understanding the Archetype and Pathway of the Mystic and Empath.


Spiritual Initiation and Divine Guidance/Support.


What is Spiritual Surrender and what does it look like?


Embracing Spirit in daily life.


Embracing the logic of the universe vs. logic of the mind.


Self Esteem – the most important grace to yield.


What is Grace?


Understanding Intuition and Your Intuitive Gifts.


A Study of Energy Anatomy and the Chakras.


Integrating into the Tribe.


Understanding the Shadow aspects of EMSI.


Self-Protection, Self-Care and Understanding Boundaries.


Experiencing clarity and how to speak it.


Keeping an open heart in a world experiencing disconnection.


Living a Life of Service.

What My Clients Are Saying


Colin’s Mentorship program brought me to an entirely new level of awareness and connection with Spirit. He has helped me to better understand my gifts and to strengthen them in order to help others. As someone who has done several programs with Colin, I highly recommend any of the courses he offers. His exceptional ability to meet people where they are and guide them to a deeper level of understanding and awareness has positively changed my life.


The EMSI program helped me at a time that I felt stuck. Colin's leadership and direction helped us connect deeply as a group and his homework practices assisted me in connecting better with the Divine and with my intuition. The love and support from the group and from Colin's one-on-one sessions gave me what I needed to leave a toxic work environment and find a healthy job environment. I treasure my new found friends from the group and also the confidence that the weekly sessions gave me in learning to trust. Colin's knowledge and practices are inspiring and have helped me to develop new habits while gaining greater insight into my life.


Colin's coaching program was an integral support on my spiritual journey. It allowed me to see myself in ways that were unclear before taking the program. His attention to detail, his ability to create a safe space and the way he can effortlessly articulate his intuitive nature, all guided me to a deeper understanding of myself and my spirituality.


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