Discover the Power of your Intuition

You were born with purpose. Your intuition exists for you to realize it.
Let me show you how

Your intuition is always guiding you

You are a highly intuitive being, whether you know it or not.

You were born highly intuitive.  We all are. Unfortunately, unless you were modelled or taught how to access and use your intuition, you’ve probably lost access to this ever-present and empowering guidance system.

Life becomes confusing and unclear when you can’t access your intuition.

Your intuition serves a purpose: to guide you in your life.  It speaks to your highest potential and to living the life you are capable of achieving.  When you don’t have access to this type of guidance, it can feel like you’re walking through life in the dark.  Sure…you can use your mind to help guide you, but ultimately the mind can’t do what your intuition can – connect you to your inner and higher knowing.

Find clarity and purpose by living an Intuitively Guided Life.

Your intuition is a reliable and empowering aspect of your being – You just have to learn how to access it and understand what it’s communicating to you.    I’m here to help you in this process of awakening.  For over 20 years I have been advising individuals and supporting them in connecting to their intuitive abilities.  As an Empath and certified Medial Intuitive, I have a rich background in the Intuitive Arts to draw up.  As a teacher with almost 25 years of experience (from Kindergarten to Empaths to Yoga Teachers), I have developed a great ability to communicate spiritual teaching in both an accessible and applicable manner.

I’m here to support, guide and empower you on your journey.

Whether it’s working together in a one-on-one intuitive counselling session or an in-depth transformation, or through a deep dive in one of my workshops or mentorship program, I’m here to support, guide and empower you on your life’s journey.

Colin Matthews
Intuition Coach

Spirit Talks – Free Online Education

Next Online Gathering

Thursday, November 16th at 7pm EST.

Do you want to live an Intuitively Guided Life?  Are you looking for a community of like-minded individuals to share in this journey?  Would you like to make genuine connections with others on a similar path, all while feeling seen, heard and understood?

If so, then Spirit Talks is the place for you! 

Spirit Talks is a free monthly online class/gathering where you’ll explore all the aspects of contemporary spirituality and what it means to live an intuitively guided life.

How To Work With Me

There are several ways for us to work together from one-on-one readings/intuitive counselling, to workshops, to Personalized Intuitive Mentorship.


You were born to live an Intuitively Guided Life.  I’m here to help you discover this reality.  Through my mentorship program, you’ll learn all about your unique and potent intuitive gifts.  This includes: how to reliably access your intuitive abilities, how to understand the ways intuition communicates uniquely with you, how to work with the shadow aspects of intuition, and how to use your intuition to live your best life.  

Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive counselling is a supportive and empowering way for you to gain clarity and understanding in your life circumstances, and to find healing and empowerment in the process. Using your name and current age, I will tune into your physical & energetic systems to discern where you are investing your life force energy, where you may be outside of your integrity and losing energy, and what you can do to move forward with your highest potential.


Workshops are a powerful way to deepen your understanding on a specific topic while learning in a supportive group setting. I offer a variety of workshops on topics from Developing Intuitive Sight, to Understanding Energy Anatomy, to Becoming a Spiritual Entrepreneur.

Recent Videos

Watch my latest videos where I explore topics on spirituality, awakening and living a Spiritually Guided Life.

What My Clients Are Saying

{Colin's coaching program was an integral support on my spiritual journey. It allowed me to see myself in ways that were unclear before taking the program. His attention to detail, his ability to create a safe space and the way he can effortlessly articulate his intuitive nature, all guided me to a deeper understanding of myself and my spirituality.
{Words cannot fully express how safe and trusting I continue to feel knowing that Collin Matthews is in my life. His unparalleled devotion to the craft of being an intuitive healer is only matched by the level of patience and compassion he exhibits when faced with the varying levels of challenges I’ve shared in our sessions. As I am reminded of his teachings, I continue to become more confident and open to what unknowns tomorrow may bring.
{Colin’s Mentorship program brought me to an entirely new level of awareness and connection with Spirit. He has helped me to better understand my gifts and to strengthen them in order to help others. As someone who has done several programs with Colin, I highly recommend any of the courses he offers. His exceptional ability to meet people where they are and guide them to a deeper level of understanding and awareness has positively changed my life.